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Discover the World’s Most Advanced Cosmic Ordering Secrets! Learn How to Manifest Anything In Literally MINUTES
– And the Secret Method of PROVING It All Really Works!

(PS. If You Think You Already Know This Stuff...
I’ve Got a Few Questions for You That I Bet You Can’t Answer!)

From the Desk of Bradley Thompson -

Dear Friend

If you’re like most people in the world of self-growth, you’re suspicious...

You’ve heard all the hype about cosmic ordering. You’ve seen the book by Barbara Mohr. You’ve read about Noel Edmonds. You found a few articles by Andronicos Andronicou.

All around, “celebrities” are endorsing this new “Cosmic Ordering” craze.

Is it REALLY possible to place an order with the universe?

Can you REALLY call the Universe Order Hotline, ask for a truck-load of cash, and then just sit back and wait for it to appear?

Surely not, right?

I’m Bradley Thompson – and I’ve been working with cosmic ordering now for over fifteen years.

I know the hidden truths that most people won’t tell you – and the secret shortcuts you can use to absolutely rocket the results you’re getting.

I know about Advanced Cosmic Ordering.

And on this page, I’d like to tell you a little more.

(PS. If you think you already know all about cosmic ordering, I have THREE QUESTIONS I want to ask you a little later in this letter. And I’ll bet you can’t answer them. Keep reading!)


Imagine If Getting ANYTHING Out of Life Were THIS Easy! Just Call the Universe Order Hotline & Demand More Money,
a Beautiful Partner, a Brand New Home, New Friends & MORE!

Can you imagine how wonderful cosmic ordering would be if it worked?

Just picture this...

You’re sitting at home thinking about how wonderful your life could be. You make a few notes, then dial the special Universe Order Hotline. The person that answers asks what you’d like.

You could order...

More MONEY Than You Can Handle!! – Purchase the best clothes in town. Buy a new car. Host a massive party for all of your friends. Feel great and donate to charity. Become a local celebrity.
A Brand NEW Luxurious Home!Spacious rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a games room, a permanent gardener, a maid, and more. And how about a second home overseas, too?
Your Beautiful, Ideal PARTNER!!Want to spend time with the girl or guy of your dreams? Order the ideal partner for you, with the personality & looks that match your needs perfectly!
More FRIENDS, More Social Connections!!Want a new set of friends? No problem! Whether you want a new workout buddy or a close and intimate best pal, just tell the universe!

And once you’ve placed your order, you simply sit back and wait.

Within a couple of weeks, everything is delivered direct to your door. No matter what you wished for, no matter how specific you were.

ANYTHING you want can come your way in just DAYS.

That’s what cosmic ordering is all about. Placing an actual, real-life “order” with the universe and waiting for it to be delivered.

The problem is that most people don’t know HOW to place that order!

They’ve read a couple of books. They’re seen a few articles online. They’ve even tried the basic techniques – and seen a few, small results.

But they’re NOT the results they we're looking for.

Most people are looking for BIG CHANGE, quickly. And they don’t get it with cosmic ordering, because they’re simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH at it.

Would YOU waste your time doing something over and over – if you weren’t really SURE whether it was working, or even if you were doing it right?

Of course not.

What you need are the REAL SECRETS behind cosmic ordering. The tricks and shortcuts that have been developed by cosmic ordering masters, the individuals that have been using this stuff for years – not quick-fix information from some joker that watched The Secret.

Well, those REAL SECRETS are what this site is all about.

(PS. Just in case you're wondering, cosmic ordering does NOT involve tarot cards, astrology, spirituality, or anything even slightly "kooky." It's based entirely on the latest scientific research on the subject of energy.)

Powerful Psychic Course
"Cosmic ordering works! I said I wanted a hit TV show. It had to be something my girls would watch - and I wanted it by October. I got the call about Deal or No Deal in August. It's spooky."
Noel Edmonds, TV presenter +
Creator of "Deal or No Deal"
Find The Inner Psychic


You May Already Be Using Cosmic Ordering –
But Are You SURE You’re Doing It Right?
Answer THESE Questions to Find Out!

Think you already know everything there is to know about cosmic ordering?

If you’re new to cosmic ordering, just skip straight to the next section.

But if you’ve been using it a while, here’s a chance to TEST your expertise...

Just read the following questions. And tell me, honestly, whether you can answer the following questions with absolute certainty – without ANY doubt whatsoever.  

How can you place cosmic orders for OTHER PEOPLE? Some people try and get this COMPLETELY wrong. But it is possible. How can you do this and get it right?
Should you use TARGET DATES when cosmic ordering? Are you SURE they aren't doing you more HARM than GOOD? Consider this one VERY CAREFULLY!
What MUST you do when your cosmic ordering RUNS DRY? When it all stops, for apparently no reason whatsoever, do you know the EXACT STEPS to get started again?

If you aren’t absolutely 100% POSITIVE about your answers to ALL three questions, then it’s probable that any cosmic order you place will simply FAIL. It’ll get LOST in the post, with all the other missing orders.

It’s like calling the Universe Order Hotline – and not speaking their language.

You might place a bit of the order, but you just won’t be able to communicate everything properly.

Has that ever happened to you? An almost-complete order?

Well, I want to make you an expert. I’ll show you how to manifest ANYTHING almost as fast as you can think about it. No kidding.

You see, the universe really WILL work for you – you just have to speak it’s language.

I’ll not only teach you the language – but also the secrets, the tricks and the shortcuts that only come after YEARS of successfully using cosmic ordering.

And I want to give you all of this information - TODAY.

All YOU need to do is read on...


Discover the REAL Secrets of Advanced Cosmic Ordering – From the World’s Most Experienced Manifestation Experts...
- Bradley Thompson, Karl Moore & Michael Masterman!

Want to begin discovering the REAL SECRETS of COSMIC ORDERING?

Over the past year, I’ve worked side-by-side with two of my closest colleagues – Karl Moore and Michael Masterman – to help produce the most advanced guide to cosmic ordering EVER WRITTEN.

It’s called, quite simply, “Advanced Cosmic Ordering” -

- And inside its pages, you’ll discover the EXACT METHODS of gaining ANYTHING you want out of life!

Unlike other guides which simply show you the general cosmic ordering process, we’ve pieced together specific cosmic ordering processes for EVERY key area of life – including sessions for wealth, relationships, health, career, life experiences, and more!

“But who are these jokers?”

Well, my name is Bradley Thompson

I’m the best-selling author of Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days, and Be Psychic. I’m also the creator of Subliminal Power, installed on over one million desktops worldwide. I was the man behind The Absolute Secret and helped develop the entire range of official Binaural Beat CDs.

My corporate clients (through The Network) range from Microsoft to the BBC – and yes, I’m a millionaire five times over. I’m living with my perfect partner here in the UK, and want nothing else out of life.

I’ve been using cosmic ordering for 15 years – and can honestly say it’s worked WONDERS in my life.

I wrote this book - “Advanced Cosmic Ordering” - alongside my two colleagues, Karl Moore and Michael Masterman.

Now, Karl is one of those individuals that works quietly in the background most of the time. He has absolutely no ego � and within just a few years, manifested a multi-million dollar company, created three radio stations, and wrote five best-selling books - including "The Secret Art of Self-Development."

He's an incredibly logical individual, with a strong focus on science. He won't rave about his accomplishments, either. But this is a guy you really need to listen to.

Michael is one of the biggest names in the world of corporate training. He’s an expert on human potential and developed the Speed Reading Secret program, the Sleep Programming series, and the Motivator software. He’s also a very happy, very content millionaire.

And inside “Advanced Cosmic Ordering”, we’ve combined the SECRETS of ALL of these experts into ONE AMAZING BOOK.

It’s a guide that can bring you literally EVERYTHING you want out of life. And in absolute record time, when you follow the little-known SHORTCUTS you won’t find ANYWHERE ELSE.

But I want you to RESIST knowing what’s inside – at least for just a few seconds longer!

Powerful Psychic Course
"This is the most powerful course on cosmic ordering I've ever experienced! It shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to place orders with the Universe - and get them delivered in just days. Thank you, Bradley!"
Jenny Lansbury, Author
Find The Inner Psychic


 Are You Ready to Learn INSIDER Cosmic Ordering Secrets?
Here’s What YOU Will Discover Inside Our 110+ Page Book - The Result of 35 Years of Combined Ordering Experience!

Are you ready to discover EXACTLY what’s inside “Advanced Cosmic Ordering”?

Cosmic ordering really works. We’ll prove it to you inside this book.

And here are just a HANDFUL of the advanced cosmic ordering tricks you’ll uncover - from myself, Karl and Michael – all when you open the pages of our brand new book...

The SEVEN STEPS to INSTANT cosmic ordering - MOST guides get these steps completely wrong. Screw this up and you might as well go home now!
The TOP THREE MYTHS about cosmic ordering � including the one that you should sit back and just wait for the universe to deliver. Not entirely accurate!
The COSMIC REVELATIONS that will completely change your outlook on life. These are the “Spiritual Shortcuts” that have taken the three authors YEARS to uncover – and they’re yours in an instant!
The TRUTH behind the cosmic ordering gurus – from Noel Edmonds to Barbara Mohr. Find out who is right, and who is wrong!
The SECRET WAY you can literally TEST to see if your cosmic ordering skills are working – and it works almost instantly. (Hint: For one woman, this involved a bright red feather!)
Why you MUST be CAREFUL of what you wish for – And how to “protect” your ordering, so it only ever works positively for you!
The SIX INCREDIBLE TRUTHS about creating your own abundance in life. Print these out and keep them with you at all times!
Should you add DEADLINES to your cosmic orders? Read what our experts have to say about this hotly-debated topic. The answer just might surprise you!
The most COMMON QUESTIONS answered – including whether it’s more powerful to order in the morning or at night, whether to write your order or speak it out, whether to tell your friends, finding a cosmic ordering buddy, and more!

And that�s just the beginning. You�ll also learn ...

Discover the EXACT SEVEN STEPS for manifesting UNLIMITED RICHES! No matter how much you want, no matter what you want it for, just follow these steps and watch it appear!
How to place orders for OTHER PEOPLE! Make sure you absolutely DON’T place cosmic orders for others without reading this first. It’ll probably backfire heavier than you think – find out why!
Watch out for ABUNDANCE SABOTEURS and "Energy Vampires"! It might sound like something from an episode of Buffy, but these things are real and they can affect you. Find out how to protect yourself!
The TOP TEN cosmic ordering tips for enhancing health and well-being. Follow these to help rocket your immune system and turbo-charge your health!
How to achieve the EXACT LIFE you want, by following the SEVEN STEP FORMULA for abundant relationships, abundant health, abundant wealth, an abundant career, and more!
Discover your “ANAM CARA” – Find out what it is, why you need one, and how to use Cosmic Ordering to claim yours!
How to use BOOST your HEALTH by combining cosmic ordering with other therapies – including hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, life coaching, affirmations, relaxation and more!
The truth behind so-called "PSYCHIC ATTACKS"! Find out why you might be more receptive to "attacks" after using cosmic ordering – and follow our FIVE POINT PLAN to stopping ANY attack, INSTANTLY!

Plus, discover even MORE cosmic ordering secrets ...

The SECRET behind LUCK – Is it really all down to unconscious cosmic ordering? Plus, discover how you could literally win the lotto using cosmic ordering – and why we DON’T recommend it! (There’s a reason that might just surprise you there!)

Why AFFIRMATIONS are still INCREDIBLY useful with cosmic ordering – and how you should phrase them. If you THINK you know this already, you’d better THINK AGAIN when it comes to cosmic ordering!

The ABUNDANCE WAVELENGTH – Discover how to achieve total abundance in EVERY area of your life by tuning into the abundance wavelength. We’ll show you HOW!

BE INSPIRED with the REAL-LIFE STORIES of dozens of individuals using cosmic ordering – Read about the little-known tricks they used to speed up the ordering process, the secrets that did and didn’t work for them, the hidden techniques that only come with experience, and MORE!

The EMERGENCY Belief Saver – Find out what to do when you stop believing in cosmic ordering. The whole system needs faith to work. We’ll show you how to get yours back in an instant!

Your SECRET AGREEMENT with the universe! Learn how the universe is sending you SIGNS all the time, and EXACTLY WHERE you should keep an eye out for them!

The TRUTH Behind the Cosmic Equation – Discover how the mystery of Taoism helps unravel the abundant secrets behind cosmic ordering.

There's still more. Inside the 110+ pages, you'll discover ...

How to turn FIVE MINUTES of anytime-downtime into cosmic ordering heaven! Follow our guide and you’ll NEVER be bored again!

Book your PARKING SPACE ahead of time! You’ve heard of this test before. Now here’s how to REALLY do it! Use the secrets of cosmic ordering to book a specific parking space in a busy town centre AHEAD of time, thanks to the universe!

Your ENERGY BAROMETER – Why your energy levels affect your cosmic ordering ability, and EXACTLY what you should do the moment you notice them dropping!

REAL MEDITATION – Learn about “real meditation” and how you can use it to assist in your cosmic ordering. (Here’s a tip: This ISN’T the usual boring lotus-position stuff! We’ll even show you how to meditate while on the move!)

How to find your PERFECT PARTNER, even if you’re ultra-picky! Choose everything from their hair color to their personality profile, and then following our SEVEN STEP SYSTEM, and get ready for fun!

Why your NEGATIVE THOUGHTS are your worst enemy – and how to INSTANTLY drop them, using our special release process!

The SEVEN STEPS to enjoying ABUNDANT LIFE EXPERIENCES! Use cosmic ordering to live a full, rich life – with vast, exciting experiences every waking moment. Plus, uncover how to perform a Life Audit – and increase your happiness every single day!

... And we’ve STILL only scratched the SURFACE of what you’ll find inside our guide.

We’re talking OVER 110 PAGES, absolutely jam-packed full of little-known cosmic ordering secrets, the shortcuts to receive quicker cosmic deliveries, and the little-known methods that only EXPERIENCE will teach!

You’ll be gaining the combined expertise of OVER 35 YEARS in cosmic ordering, backed by dozens of real-life stories of cosmic ordering users across the globe.

This is knowledge you literally CANNOT buy anywhere else.

And now, for the first time EVER, it’s available.


Powerful Psychic Course
"If you want to discover how to enjoy money, love, success and health, just by asking for it - then check out this new course from Bradley Thompson. I've used it myself - and it really works. Powerful stuff!"
Sanjay Agrawal, Author
Find The Inner Psychic


I'll Guide You Through the ENTIRE Cosmic Ordering Process!
Just Sit Back & Listen As I Talk You Through EVERYTHING!
PLUS: Discover My FIVE Bonus Visualization Recordings!

Every single “cosmic ordering guru” claims to give you a system for achieving your greatest dreams and desires.

But let me ask you...


That’s right. We’ve produced a special 30-minute COSMIC ORDERING recording that will literally GUIDE YOU through the FULL cosmic ordering process – while you listen!

All you need to do is make yourself comfortable, slip on your headphones – and listen along. I’ll take you through the entire process, in person. Just follow my SIMPLE instructions to place your cosmic order, and you’re finished!

It REALLY doesn’t get ANY EASIER than THIS!!

There’s NOTHING ELSE you need to do. Just listen – and you’re done!

Not only that, I’ve also created FIVE special visualization recordings that work hand-in-hand with the entire cosmic ordering process.

Each recording lasts just ten minutes, and will help align your mind to achieve EVERYTHING you’ve ordered. Again, each recording is EASY to use – just slip on your headphones and relax!

I’ve created studio-engineered visualization recordings covering each key area of your life:

Getting ALL of the Money You’ve EVER Wanted!

Creating Your Own Fantastic Health and Well-Being!

Finding Your Perfect Partner – No Matter How Picky You Are!

Achieving Success in EVERYTHING You Do!

Creating True Emotional Freedom In Your Life!

Nobody else makes cosmic ordering as easy as this.

We’ve combined EVERYTHING into one EXCITING PACKAGE that absolutely CANNOT be beat.

With our brand new cosmic ordering package, we’ll send to you the “Advanced Cosmic Ordering” book, the COMPLETE audio-led cosmic ordering process, and FIVE INDIVIDUAL cosmic ordering visualization sessions.

This is EVERYTHING YOU NEED to build a FANTASTIC LIFE for yourself.

WHATEVER you want... It's POSSIBLE with this package!

Interested in grabbing your own copy?

Read on.


Discover the MAGIC Behind Advanced Cosmic Ordering
All When You Order Before the End of !!

With this kit, we’re giving you EVERYTHING you need.

It’s like receiving the direct dial number for the Universe Order Hotline, and all of the instructions you need to purchase ANYTHING you want.

When you decide to purchase this kit, you’re deciding to give yourself a BRAND NEW LIFE, a mountain of cash, fantastic relationships with everyone you know, a fresh start, a new lifestyle – EVERYTHING you’ve always wanted.

You see, cosmic ordering is the REAL SECRET behind “The Secret”.

And THIS is the most ADVANCED guide to cosmic ordering on the planet today.

Are YOU ready to enjoy AMAZING CHANGES in your LIFE, and discover “Advanced Cosmic Ordering”?

The whole package will cost you JUST $197 ... $147 ... $99.95 ...

Order during and you’ll receive the ENTIRE KIT for...

... JUST $47.95!

That’s right. You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to get started in the world of advanced cosmic ordering for less than the price of one night at a flea-ridden motel.

PLUS � Order before the end of this month, and you�ll ALSO receive the following FREE BONUSES...


“45-Minute Cosmic Ordering Binaural Beats Recording!” – Get yourself into the perfect state for cosmic ordering! Using the power of binaural beats, listen to this session to enter a deep state of meditation where your cosmic ordering is even MORE powerful! (Note: Yes, this is different from the guided cosmic ordering session! This is audio-only.)


“10-Minute Digital Caffeine Wake-Up!” – Wake yourself up after your cosmic ordering endeavours! If you’ve been meditating, just slip on your headphones and listen to this recording. It uses the power of binaural beats – and it’s like caffeine for the brain!


“100 Magical Abundance Affirmations!” – You deserve abundance in everything! And this guide provides one hundred specially-worded affirmations to help deliver abundance in every area of your life. The perfect companion to your cosmic ordering kit!


Two FREE Hypnosis Sessions – Inside our guide, we’ll show you EXACTLY how to use hypnosis to help with your cosmic ordering. With this voucher, you can claim your two FREE hypnosis sessions from the website!

You get all of these bonuses AND the “Advanced Cosmic Ordering” course AND the guided Cosmic Ordering audio session AND the five bonus Cosmic Audio Visualizations are ALL YOURS for the LOW, ONE-TIME COST of JUST $47.95!!

Ready to order?

Then just click on THIS button to order your NEW LIFE!


Click HERE to claim your copy for JUST $47.95!
Click HERE to claim your copy for JUST $47.95!

“Advanced Cosmic Ordering” is an electronic publication, distributed on CD-ROM.  

Powerful Psychic Course
"I placed an order for a specific type of man to arrive during a particular week. When the week arrived, a guy with all nine specific characteristics was delivered. Wowwww! After that I was convinced that cosmic ordering definitely worked."
Barbara Mohr, Author
in "The Cosmic Ordering Service"
Find The Inner Psychic


PLUS – Discover Our 100% REFUND GUARANTEE!
If You’re Not Absolutely THRILLED, You Don’t Pay a Dime. BONUS: Buy Before Midnight & Claim FREE Int’l Shipping!

Want to try out the kit – But not sure about risking your money?

I agree. Don’t even think about it.

Let me tell you something...

The techniques you’re going to learn inside the entire Advanced Cosmic Ordering package will enable you to manifest 1000 times its purchase cost in a MATTER OF DAYS!

But you shouldn’t have to RISK your money in order to try it out!

That’s why we’re backing EVERY purchase of the Advanced Cosmic Ordering kit with a 100% NO-RISK, FULL MONEY BACK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE!

No kidding.


Read Our 100% NO-RISK Guarantee!

We promise you’ll be absolutely THRILLED with the
Advanced Cosmic Ordering kit.

If you’re not seeing AMAZING RESULTS after three months
of using the package, simply return it to us for a
FULL REFUND (minus our original S&H).



It’s EASY. It’s GUARANTEED. And I know it’s going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Are you ready to discover the secrets of Advanced Cosmic Ordering?


Order by MIDNIGHT, %%TODAY%%, and we’ll ALSO throw in 100% FREE international shipping and handling!

That’s right. It doesn’t matter WHERE you live in the world, you won’t pay a PENNY for shipping.

So, let's briefly review what you'll receive when you order TODAY...

"Advanced Cosmic Ordering" - Our POWERFUL 110+ page cosmic ordering course!
Cosmic Ordering CD - Just listen to this 30-minute CD to place your cosmic order!
Five Cosmic Ordering Sessions - Audio sessions for money, health, love + more!
FOUR HUGE BONUSES - Including FREE cosmic affirmations and hypnosis downloads!
100% No-Risk Guarantee - Try the entire package out for three months, on us!
FREE International Shipping - We'll deliver to anywhere in the world for FREE!

Getting excited yet? You SHOULD be!

Your life is about to change. The secrets of Advanced Cosmic Ordering are about to be bestowed upon by three masters of the business. You’re about to get your hands on the secrets many people will take YEARS to stumble across.

You’re here now. First. Ahead of the crowd.

Take advantage. Click on the button and discover how you can enjoy TOTAL ABUNDANCE in every area of your life, within just DAYS:


Click HERE to claim your copy for JUST $47.95!
Click HERE to claim your copy for JUST $47.95!

“Advanced Cosmic Ordering” is an electronic publication, distributed on CD-ROM.



There’s an old Indian adage that goes...

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Nothing happens by chance.

And today, THREE teachers have appeared to take you to the next level of your life.

Inside the “Advanced Cosmic Ordering” package, you’ll find the SECRETS that will enable you to tap into the REAL world of cosmic ordering.

These are the TRIED-AND-TESTED methods that genuinely work – and within just days, you’ll have them working for YOU, bringing you all of the ABUNDANCE you desire, in EVERY part of your life.

Money. Relationships. Health. Life experiences. Career. Happiness.

It can all be yours...

... Once you discover the secrets of Advanced Cosmic Ordering.

Click on the button to grab your copy...


Click HERE to claim your copy for JUST $47.95!
Click HERE to claim your copy for JUST $47.95!

“Advanced Cosmic Ordering” is an electronic publication, distributed on CD-ROM.


Thank you for visiting my site today.

Warm wishes,

Bradley Thompson
Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author
Advanced Cosmic Ordering, part of the The Network

PS. If you’ve never experienced cosmic ordering before... You’re in for a real treat! You’ve stumbled across the most advanced cosmic order kit ever produced. We’ll get you up-and-running and manifesting ANYTHING you desire, in just days! Click HERE to grab your copy of the package and get started NOW!

PPS. Beware of cheap imitations! The Advanced Cosmic Ordering package is ONLY available on THIS website! It’s not available in stores and you won’t find it on ANY other site. If you want to discover these secrets, you MUST buy it from this site. Click HERE to get started TODAY!

PPPS. Remember, we absolutely GUARANTEE your satisfaction! Try out the entire course for three whole months. If you’re not absolutely THRILLED with the results you’re receiving, we’ll give you a complete, no-questions-asked refund. It’s totally NO-RISK – so when you’re ready, click HERE and grab your copy TODAY!

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